Button badges are our niche market, we make them every day. At RW Promotion every single employee is trained to make button badges from our production staff to our administration staff. We must train all our staff because sometimes we get thousands of badges that are needed by the next day, so everyone chips in to finish the order. But you are here to learn how we make our badges!


First off, we get the artwork from our clients and customers, we re shape and re size the badge artwork to fit our templates so that we can create a flawless badge for our clients. This process normally takes a few hours. Once the artwork is approved by our clients, we print out the badges on our high-quality paper with about 25 to a page (depending on the size!). Once we have the badges printed out, we take out badge cutter which is like a cookie cutter. We pop out all the badge paper and we get ready to press the badges. Before we start, we must get all of our materials out from our storeroom, the press, the backing, the font and the plastic covering. Once we’ve set up our workstation, we place the backing in one section, the font, paper and covering in another and we press them together. Then you have a perfectly made badge!


Depending on the size of the order, we can get your badges out within a few hours!


  • The RW Promotion Team 😊