In this rapidly changing environment with COVID-19, small businesses like us are challenged to ensure a strong succession plan for our business whilst still protecting the well being and health of our valued clients, amazing employees, incomparable business partners and the wonderful community. In these uncertain times, it is essential to have a well thought out plan to assist us operationally, yet one that has room to be flexible to deal with a variety of possible scenarios.

Although many people may have the health crisis at the top of their minds right now, here at RW Promotion we have already implemented our ‘COVID-19 Risk Management Plan.’ This plan assists us in making decisions that will affect the business, its employees and our clients.

While we haven’t been hit as hard as some others (we are very lucky to have such a diverse client base, thank you!) we have had to tighten our belts a little… however, that is not stopping us from pushing on we have been watching things develop and adapting contingency plans on a day to day basis. We are still running with skeleton staff in the workshop and some staff working from home, everyone is ready to come in at the drop of a hat as orders come through!

We are on the forefront and we have already seen the effects flow on. Some orders have been cancelled, some clients have straight out opted to close the doors for 6 months, but what’s exciting to me is seeing how some clients have already adapted and evolved their business to meet current conditions, it’s like watching a seed sprout & grow, it’s really quite exciting! That said, at RW Promotion, we have always done it tough, so challenge is not new to us, it’s just different right now and we have to adapt. If you are doing it tough, if you don’t know what to do, or just want someone to brainstorm with, please give us a call or pop in for a cuppawe’re here to help! And if we cannot, we can help point you in the right direction.

Our heart goes out to all those people who have already been adversely affected (especially those in the hospitality and events industries). Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our essential services and healthcare workers, we will make it through this thanks to you! One quote we am always telling people, “Without adversity, we cannot appreciate prosperity” … this could not be truer right now. We will make it through these challenging times, don’t give up, put your mind to it, and when we make it to the other side, we will thrive and be eternally appreciative for what we already have.
We got this!


You’ve got this!

Warm regards,
Richard & the team at RW Promotion <3