With restrictions beginning to ease here in QLD we are hopeful that our return to normality is coming. Schools are starting to reopen slowing, we are finally allowed out of the house (with correct social distancing of course! And we begin our transition back to life before COVID19.

But what we can see now with restaurants and cafes set to open in the coming weeks (hopefully), and events starting up again and setting dates is that they are scrambling for promotion material. Here at RW Promotion we are as busy as ever pumping out orders every hour, it is extremely important to have the right marketing material so that when your company does open, it is ready for the influx of customers. Make sure you get your orders in early to ensure your product is shipped to you ready for opening. In the current climate shipping is taking longer than expected, express is taking up to 3-4 days and economy postage is more than 7 days. So it is imperative to plan and place your order well in advance. Take this spare time to update your marketing plan, do some spring cleaning and rethink and rest. What can you do to make your business more profitable? Do you need a decorative sign which draws your customers in? what about some business cards or flyers to hand out? Here at RW Promotion we can fill any and all of your needs. Can’t see what you want on our website? Give us a call we’re more than happy to help!

Happy May everyone and ‘May the 4th be with you!’

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